Remote Property Inspections

Request Inspection will allow you to send out an inspection to someone outside your organisation to complete for example tenants and third party contractors. They will receive a link to download SnapInspect and be guided through an inspection. This is especially useful if you cannot access a property yourself.

  • Remote Inspections for tenants and third parties
  • Self-guided inspections with instructions
  • Custom reporting and email templates
  • Create & Customize Checklists
  • Work in sync with SnapInspect iOS & Android Apps
  • Social distancing & Covid-19 friendly
<h2>Super easy to set up.</h2>

Super easy to set up.

Sending your tenants or third party contractors inspections to complete is just a few clicks inside SnapInspect.

Simply schedule the inspection whether move in, move out or any specific type and thats it! Your tenants/contractors can complete inspections remotely.

<h2>Custom reports in pdf or the web.</h2>

Custom reports in pdf or the web.

With each remote and self-guided inspection you can rest assured the reports match your company branding so you can continue to provide your clients with professional looking reports.

You can also customise and summarise items that needs more attention on the report.

Simple Checklists

Create a specific remote inspection checklist. You can make it a simple inspection, add simple controls and ratings and also adding instructions to reduce user errors.

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You can also customize the emails being sent.

SnapInspect gives you a platform to not only send out remote inspections, but doing so in a professional and smooth way.

You can create multiple email templates for each inspection that you send out, for example you can have a Move In email template with specific information and have a move out template with different requirements.

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Additional benefits of remote inspections

Edit remotely

After your tenant has completed the inspection you have the ability to go back in and edit any mistakes made during the remote inspection.

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Social Distancing

Practice completing inspections responsibly. Help stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep your management business running.

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Automate Maintenance

You can automate maintenance by linking or creating a task whenever a specific rating has been selected. 

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Web Share Report

After your tenant has completed a remote inspection you can also sign for it remotely. As well as providing a web version of the report if you don’t need the pdf version. Everything is stored safely in the cloud.

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Bulk Contact Import

To make sending remote inspections easier, we have included a bulk contact import so you can bring in your tenant emails and assign them to your portfolio for easy sending.

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Business Continuity

Sending out remote inspections will ensure that inspections still get completed even if you cannot make it to the site or property. Self-guided checklists help reduce liability and keep your management business running during Covid-19.

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