Inspection Software for Vacation Rental Management

Take the headaches out of running a vacation rental property by using SnapInspect’s suite of features that assist in productivity, management, maintenance, and more.

SnapInspect provides simple, cloud-based software that allows you to inspect on-the-go and offline. Cut 75% of overall inspection time through automation and place yourself at the forefront of competition by using the most intuitive software solution on the market today.

Save 75% of inspection time with SnapInspect. Conduct and manage pre-arrival, cleaning and maintenance inspections. Gain real insight to aid in finding compliance issues and minimize liability. Eliminate any tedious back-office work, automatically group maintenance issues and calculate costs.

Templates + Customizable Checklists for Vacation Rental Operations

Hit the ground running with our pre-made industry-proven templates. Or use our checklist editor to create a template of your own. Impress your clients with a beautifully branded, professional and comprehensive report. No other software on the market can provide the level of customization that SnapInspect can. Customize any visual element, any color theme to match your branding requirements, add disclaimers, summarize bad conditions, annotate photos and videos captured in-app, hide empty items and display photos inline with items or at the end of the report and much more.

  • Arrival/Departure Inspections
  • Housekeeping Inspections
  • Landscaping/Grounds Inspections
  • Pool/Hot Tub/Gym Inspections
  • Inventory Inspections
  • Interior/Exterior Inspections
  • Readiness Inspection
  • Cleaning Inspections

Run Vacation Rental operations leveraging cloud technology!

  • Manage your team's inspections progress and performance
  • Automatic Task creation
  • Customizable email templates for guests and custom email triggers
  • Maintenance only reports for contractors
  • Schedule inspections, Track & Follow up Actions/Word Orders
  • Use Business Intelligence dashboards & mass excel export to drill down on data

Feature rich for the Vacation Rental Industry

SnapInspect offers an intuitive suit of features that work together to deliver a state of the art software system. All while still having the convenience of being mobile, giving you the tools to complete inspections whenever, where-ever you are.

Interactive Dashboards

View your vacancies, maintenance costs, geography specific and critical inspection data. Issue actions from our interactive dashboard.

Custom API

Connect your booking system to SnapInspect and automate property details, schedules and inspections.

Business Intelligence

SnapInspect delivers data to help you with Reporting, Analysis, Monitoring and Prediction.

Total Customization

No other software offers the report customization levels that SnapInspect does. Customize reports with company branding, logos, colors, and fonts. Use cover photos, videos, and more to create a one-of-a-kind report.

Inspection Scheduling

Schedule arrival inspections on time and ahead of time. Make things a lot easier for your management and maintenance teams.

Internal chat

Leave comments on inspections or on tasks created to maintain operational workflow. Keep everyone on the same page when it comes to maintenance and following up.

Start making your inspections
work for you!