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Features Comparison

Standard Features

Unlimited Inspections

Web App i Browser based cloud app giving you access and admin control of your SnapInspect account.

Unlimited Storage

Offline Mobile App i iOS & Android app that allows you to collect inspection data completely offline.

Ongoing Upgrades

Checklist Editor i Create your own templates using our very own checklist editor.

Copy/Convert Inspection i Ability ot start a new inspection based off an inspection that was previously completed.

PDF & Word Report i PDF & Word Report

Side by Side Report i A side by side comparison of two reports.

Bulk Asset Upload i Bulk Asset Upload

Task Manager i Manage tasks/defects found in any inspection.

Basic Report Customization i Limited report customization. Add logo, disclaimer, change report colour theme and more.

Video Inspection i Record video inspection walkthroughs

Productivity Features

Emails i Create custom email templates and send them on certain actions

Custom Statuses i Create custom asset and inspection statuses for better workflow

Bulk Operations i Bulk delete assets, bulk schedule, bulk assign statuses

Custom Asset Fields i Go beyond address info and add custom info

Lock Inspections i Lock any editing

Advanced Features

Calculations i Add formulas, cost calculations and triggers

Advanced Report customization i For complex report formatting options outside of basic customizations

Workflow Management i The SnapInspect version of 'If this, Then that'. Trigger events (email, schedule, status update etc) and get notifications based on the condition of the inspection.

Multi User Inspection i Multiple users can collaborate on one inspection.

Request Inspection i Allow third parties to conduct inspections on your behalf. For e.g. tenants can conduct inspections or submit maintenance requests.


Business Intelligence Dashboards i Custom analytics dashboard to improve business operations.

Custom Excel Exports i Formatted and customized excel reports of inspection data

Mass PDF Solutions

CSV Exports


Ticket Based Support

In App Chat


Premium Support i Browser based cloud app giving you access and admin control of your SnapInspect account.

* All plans are in USD, and come with unlimited Inspections

* A managed asset is either a single family resedential home or a single unit in multi family building.

For Commercial its units inside that commercial block of properties e.g A mall with 40 shops=40 units.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is SnapInspect?

SnapInspect takes the pain out inspecting by offering the most advanced & customizable property inspection software designed to supercharge your inspection operations. Our digital solution allows you to create beautiful reports and send them directly to your clients from your phone or tablet. Our mobile app works with IOS & Android devices eliminating manual pen and paper inspections entirely. Load your checklists into our system, walk the property

Who is SnapInspect for?

SnapInspect caters to multiple industries within real estate. Some of these include: Student housing, Vacation Rental, Multifamily, Home Inspection, Vehicle, Equipment, Residential property management, Commercial property management and many more. If your industry is not mentioned above get in contact to see how we can best serve you.

What If my phone is stolen or lost? Do I lose all my data?

No. SnapInspect uses cloud based technology. This means once a property inspection is complete and uploaded from your mobile device it is safely stored on our encrypted cloud server. No data is stored on your mobile device long term.

What If I already have an inspection template, can I load it into your system?

Yes, You can pre-load your checklists into SnapInspect if you have a report send it over to us and we will load it onto you account. Our software is the most customizable on the market today, meaning there is no checklist we can't create.

Are there long term contracts with sign up fees?

No, SnapInspect charges on a monthly subscription basis, with no hidden fees.

Are you Flexible on pricing?

Get in touch today, let us know your portfolio and team size and we’ll see how we can best help.

Do you charge for support?

No, Support is free. Talk on our live chat, send us an email or give us a call and we will help with any questions or trouble shooting.

Can I trial the software before I subscribe?

Yes, our free trial allows you to get a taste of SnapInspect. You have 14 days to test our software, inspect with it, load custom made checklists that reflect your portfolio

Which devices can i use the app on?

Any mobile device that is IOS or Android compatible

Who owns the data I upload to SnapInspect?

The information you upload to SnapInspect will always be yours. SnapInspect understands that customers want to protect their intellectual property. SnapInspect will never own, use or publish information stored in our database.