The Complete Guide to Property Inspection Software

Start saving 75% of Time on Inspections & Reports now

How does your current property inspection software app work for you? Does it even work for you or does it work against you?

Oftentimes, if we lack the right technology or simply don’t know there is a better way to do things, we remain trapped with outdated or inefficient solutions.

Don’t stay trapped in ineffective property inspection routines, when there is a revolutionary app for property inspection that reduces your workload and produces better inspection reports. What makes SnapInspect stand out amongst property inspection software?

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We are the only property inspection app with:

  • Video Inspection Walkthrough

  • Word and PDF Report Format

  • Customized Reports & Checklists

How to easily create & manage inspection reports

Use the app that designed for property inspectors

Following Checklists When Conducting Inspection:

It’s so easy to create custom inspection reports with our application. When you go out in the field and it’s time to conduct an inspection on a property, we have pre-designed templates that allow you to simply follow a checklist based on industry best practices, or you can modify any pre-made checklist to include only the information you want to inspect, or start from scratch and upload your very own checklist you already use in the office.

Once you have decided on the checklist to use, simply open it up and follow the questions right through your inspection. Now, you will never be at the office thinking later, “I wish I would have taken this picture” or “I forgot to document this information,” etc.

Keeping Your Inspection Data Organized

After you have completed your inspection, the next step is to prepare your report. In the past, it could have taken you hours to search through and organize all the information collected during the inspection. With SnapInspect, your collected data stays organized and easy to access. With just one click, you can instantly sort all the photos taken during inspection, videos shot, and checklists completed.

Running short on time in the office? As long as you performed your inspection with SnapInspect, you don’t have to worry about gathering all the details to take home with you, it will all be in your app, saved for your access. No longer will you ever have to call back and forth to the office for information you might have left behind. If you ever have an absent-minded moment, or need to reference any of the information gathered during the inspection, just access your SnapInspect account from any device with internet access.

Send Clients Beautiful Customized Reports

SnapInspect is the solution needed to bring you up to speed so that you can start benefiting from technology in the field. Our comprehensive property inspection software offers the following benefits:

01. Save time with SnapInspect.

Up to 75% of the time you used to spend on reports and inspections can be saved.

02. Perform better inspections.

Use the app-provided industry’s best practice checklists, videos, photos, and more.

03. Impress your clients.

Beautifully branded reports are generated with just a click of a button.

04. Take your work on the road.

Become more mobile with the ability to access reports and inspection data from iOS, Android, web application, or anywhere with internet access.

05. Capture more detail with video inspection.

Your clients will be impressed with your professionalism and keen attention to detail.