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SnapInspect is the only inspection software that customizes reports based on your specific requirements
and applies additional business logic within your report

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What is Smart Reports?

SnapInspect's Smart Report functions let you create professional report design to accurately meet your report requirements. Merge, split, score and even apply your own business logic. SnapInspect takes report creation and customization to the next level. Click below to download sample reports for our customers.

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Sample Report - property management inspection (Move-In, Move-Out, Periodic)

Sample Report - Sacramento goverment rental housing inspection program

Sample Report - Florida 4 point inspection

Sample Report - Home Inspection V1

Sample Report - Home Inspection V2

Sample Report - Australia property condition sample report - NSW

Sample Report - UK property inventory

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Customize your report

Your Report, Your Way.

We understand the importance of having an outstanding presence in todays' crowded market, with Smart Reports we assist you to achieve nothing less than amazing. Apart from our pre-made/general report templates SnapInspect allow you to accomplish your report design based on the data you've collected during your inspection.

Gain insight from inspection data

With Smart Report you can implement your own business logic into the report based on the data collected during the inspection, such as mathematical scoring (Sum, Percentage, Devide, Average, etc), bring certain ratings to the front and put emphasis on selected data with bold, color, text size, and much more.

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