The SnapInspect 3 API is a RESTful interface, allowing you to programmtically update and access much of your data on the platform. It provides URLs for accessing resources and uses HTTP to receive commands and return responses.

Authentication Endpoint

Exchange Token Endpoint

API Endpoint

Secure Redirect Endpoint

As the redirect from the authorization endpoint is secret between SnapInspect Authorization servers and your application, this response should not occur in plain text over unencrypted http connection. Please provide https redirect endpoint. You application will need to be have proper SSL/TLS setup.

WebHook Security

WebHook is an easy way to get push notifications. A webhook is like an inverted API endpoint where you define a call back URL to which we will POST information as things happen to your SnapInspect account.

We used to We are enforcing WebHook call back URL to https as well.

Currently the WebHook will POST information when there is an inspection uploaded to our server so you can instantly access SnapInspect API to execute actions.

The WebHook payload is in JSON format and include the Inspection ID (the unique identifier for this inspection in SnapInspect), and its SnapInspect internal Company ID (the unique identifier for the Company). It is hightly recommend to retain the internal Company ID to help identify the inspection belonging.

Note: Please return code 200 to help us identify delivery of the WebHook message. In case the delivery fails, we will retry the WebHook for another 4 times within the next 2 hours before remove the message.